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itHRVe - Introduction / Purpose and Sacral-Cranial Relaxation/ Bliss Measurements


New- itHRVe and Sacral-Cranial Measurement - see- Patrick Botte's:

CranioSacral Wave:

CranioSacral Wave:Why & What For -STRESS: New Ways to Measure and Treat- IOS HRV App How itHRVe Measures Heart COHERENCE How to use the iPhone Camera to input HRV/ Pulse How to use the iHealth BlueTooth HRV Finger Clip: (coming soon) How to use the Kyoto BlueTooth Ear Clip HRV Sensor : (coming soon)

article for with the above film:
How itHRVe measures- heart / HRV COHERENCE

- and teaches breath coherence.

Article for with the film above:
How itHRVe measures stress:


How itHRve measures - the caducceus / golden ratio - phase conjugate perfect implosive self organizing compression/collapse

How to actually program your heart with your breath to make the precise frequencies of the perfect collapse/implosion conjugate wave->
Rejuvenation-as used: - Preliminay HELP SCREENS
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How to use different transducers: camera light vs chest strap vs finger clip vs ear clip

This app has been designed to work with different sensors:

IOS Camera
Polar chest strap
Earclip Bluetooth sensor
iHealth SPO3 finger sensor

All of these sensors can be used for short recording (less than 30 minutes): mainly designed for coherence and breath training.

Long recording (up to 8 hours and a half), can only be done with the use of a Polar chest strap or a compatible Bluetooth chest strap device.

The pressure wave (related to the Mayer wave or Crania-Sacral wave) can only be displayed with the iHealth finger sensor.

The light sensors devices (iHealth finger sensor, the earclip sensor and the ios camera)
are very sensitive to movements of the sensor:
they need you to be quite still- when used to achieve a good acquisition of data.

itHRVe QUICK START Guide / Selecting Bluetooth Input Transducer

TRAINING / RECORDING with Blue Tooth Inputs (Earclip / Polar Chestrap ) - see updated version below

Main Help File: Intrepreting and Using HRV TRAINING GRAPHS with itHRVe

Using iPhone CAMERA LIGHT for Pulse Sensor- Set Up

How to best use the iHealth SPO3 finger sensor (with Blood Oxygen Measure)

Low HRV Resting Rate HISTORY Display

SLEEP Analysis HISTORY Display

BREATH and Breathing Coherence HISTORY Display

How to Store and SHARE DATA RECORDINGS with itHRVe

New - June 20, 2016: Using itHRVe for DEEP SLEEP Overnight Analysis- Including Accelerometer!

Note- also the way micromotion accelerometrics was used to measured Kundalini - and do stress analysis- with itHRVE

Updated Training Recording- setting up Blue Tooth Inputs

Also below - new April 2018-
INSTRUCTIONS to use .1hz Breath (Mayer Wave) Powerful Training in - Instructions (html version) - or PDF version

More film clips - with transducer examples- soon (sound to be added)
 Note the Cadduceus Breath (Breath to Still Point ) Training Cues


Short film- using itHRVe Training for HRV / Breath with Caducceus / Still Point 

 Instruction Short Clip: How to set- up a blue tooth input sensor for
(Polar Chest Strap or Finger Clip or Ear Clip)



How to make a Long Term record using a Polar Chest Strap with Bluetooth and itHRVe



How to access overnight long term analysis records and to access display graphs

How to Play back the record to do the analysis of the record and save to history and graph file manager 


How to display graphs in itHRVe


How to display history- in itHRVe


How to set up recording in itHRVe


How itHRVe measures - sacral cranial / spine liquid pump- the spinal wave of healing / human bliss:

From the - - team ( companion site- ) : Dan Winter , Patrick Botte, Jan Cisek

New Feb 2016: Breakthru for Psychokinesis/Plasma Projection Breakthru BRAINWAVE EMPOWERMENT -
- Companion Product:

Latest 2016 Breakthru Science and Announcements from Dan Winter, Implosion Group - US ph: 800 395 1701

StateOfTheArt- Fractal Science Online Education

Rejuvenation Plasma Healing Conjugate Field/ (Priore):
Worlds Most Powerful & Most Proven Growth Water Treatment:

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If a someone is to help you understand FRACTAL FIELDS- centripetal life force and biologic rejuvenation ( commercial proof it works: you will definitely need a scientist who knows why an object falls to the ground (thus excluding Einstein and Stephen Hawkins). Gravity is a centripetal electrical force. Golden ratio perfected fractality/recursion/embedding called phase conjugation- is proven to be negentropic/ self-organizing - 'self aware'. This LIFE PRINCIPLE allows charge waves to add and multiply (heterodyne) recursively constructively not just their wave lengths- but also their phase VELOCITY. This converts a part of the charge COMPRESSION toward center into charge ACCELERATION toward center - named THE GRAVITY - and the ORIGIN OF ALL BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY (book). The new equations: Dan Winter
Fractal Space Time: Origin of Negentropy - by Daniel Winter- 212p. Edition 2, Dec 2015- Scientific Abstract: Originally Dan Winter's team ( , ) wave equations proved golden ratio wave mechanics optimizes constructive wave interference, compression and therefore phase conjugation ( ). Then Dan Winter discovered that integer exponents of golden ratio phase conjugation ( perfect fractality )- times planck length and time (musical 'key signature' of matter) - dramatically predicted: 1. Hydrogen Radii ( ) , 2. Exact frequencies of photosynthesis ( ) , 3. Exact duration of the Earth year and venus year ( ) , 4. Virtually exact frequencies of the SCHUMANN HARMONICS and BRAINWAVE HARMONICS ( ) , 5. Exact frequencies of ADP (/ATP), 6. Exact frequencies of MAYER WAVE of Blood Pressure/ HRV LF and HF , and Spine liquid pump. Dan Winter calls this phenomenon: Perfected PHASE CONJUGATE NEGENTROPIC CHARGE COLLAPSE - and thus presents evidence this perfected 3D wave fractality- is the electrical CAUSE of LIFE FORCE/Rejuvenation and a) Negentropy, b) Gravity, c) Perception, d) Color and e) All Centripetal (Implosive) Forces. Winter's original successful water implosion for growth - invention - used his Hydrogen geometry equations- ( for hydrolysis : ) and more recently - Dan Winter built exactly these frequencies into Perfected Negentropy Rejuvenation Plasma System ( aka Priore )- in - which is now rapidly proving his negentropy for biology hypothesis.


Feb 14, 2016: course film -Advanced Heart Biofeedback Science- Review of Heart Coherence ( ) - then advanced HRV App COHERENCE measure ( Image here) in IOS - and the meaning of new STRESS Measure ( ) - guest speaker- Our leader Programmer- Patrick Botte: - Sacral Cranial Expert- PLUS Preview of our new Brainwave Empowerment App:

Note: for this film plus the added chat column click here. For PART ONE of this Course Heart Coherence> (our present app)


Jan 3, 2016 New FRACTAL HEART of Physics & The Stephen Hawkings Mistake - with Dan Winter- 150 min. film

Physics Background for this lecture:

Download the PDF 33 p.Image Set for this course:

How 'Harmonic INCLUSIVENESS'-Defines Heart Fractality AND Immune Health! fractalityindex.html

Original app/IOS HRV and Empathy measure- from Dan Winter:

Dan Winter's original HeartTuner- EKG Coherence Measure & Empathy Trainer:

Story of Dan Winter's original discovery: How Heart Coherence is Measured: The Mathematics- and
Note: Dan's original discovery credited in the literature for inventing the term Heart Coherence-
was the use of the SECOND Order FFT called CEPSTRUM - to measure internal cardiac phase coherence (above link)
with the itHRVe app- that has been expanded to use a THIRD Order FFT
- providing an even smoother measure of HRV/Heart Internal Coherence-ideal for Breath Training.

Dan Winter's original new book: Fractal Space Time-Origin of Biologic Negentropy -

Related Article: Fractal Phase Conjugate Origin of Perception (includes charts below) -


By calculating the HRV - LF lo frequency harmonics separately using just the pure HRV peaks- more locked to the EKG, separately versus using the wave shape harmonics of the LONGER BLOOD PRESSURE WAVE- we determine whether your body is RELAXED - IN PHASE- with itself... That is to say - phase synchrony- literally INNER HARMONIC between your bodies- electrical ringing- versus it's sonic / liquid longer wave natural resonance!